Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 135

Reality Shows Finale Party!! I was so excited for the Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice finales, I actually threw a party for our family!

Well, when I say "threw" I mean grabbed everything I could find, including food bought for making lunches.

And.. when I say "family" I mean whomever happened to walk through the living room while my hubby and I were watching the finale..

Oh, and I should note that when I say "and Celebrity Apprentice finale," apparently I was a week too soon.

ALL IS GOOD though! We had a great night with the kids just hanging out and watching the shows.

...and when I say "watching" I mean one of us was texting the entire time.. (this could go on forever, couldn't it?) because "one of us" happened to be 16....... (sigh)

Here is my take on Survivor this year. I'm pretty sure if you play something for 4 seasons, you better be able to beat it, so the winner was not a shocker. Redemption Island would have been amazing if the final redeemed survivor would have moved on to the final 3 to explain their ordeals to the jury and to also make them fear a little more who they sent off. The way they did it was weak in the end, and non eventful. Here Matt battled the entire time, won 10 of 11 challenges, and got nothing for it. Neither did the final winner of RI. She just went back to a bitter tribe to be unceremoniously voted off at the end of the day. And finally, I really do not want to see certain individuals that wear fedoras come back again! Matt would be okay. I really liked him! Yes, I told you how I really feel. :)

Since I didn't do much other than take the kids to church, wait around for hours for the oldest one to get out of her missions trip meeting, then come home to have to run out to Coscto for groceries, I didn't take many photos. Oh ya. It rained the entire day! So here's my shot. My last minute table of goodies!

Day 135
ISO 200, f/1.8, ss 1/10, 50 mm


Kim said...

yum! looks good!

Amy said...

Looks yummy!

Kristal said...

Your goodie table looks awesome. I was glad to see Rob win and I agree that RI meant nothing in the game....

Candi said...


Anonymous said...

Save some guac for me!

Branson said...

Yumm! How about if we have a party and you be in charge of food? ;-)

Missus Wookie said...

I'll come for the food - never watched either. Hmm, having said that I have vague recollections of someone watching survivor during a crop weekend. But I'm always willing to have a party :)

Kristin said...

My Mom and I used to watch Survivor together so I couldn't bring myself to watch it alone this season, but I did enjoy your recap and it looks like you had a fun party to celebrate the finale.