Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 132

Crazy problems with blogger, huh? I wasn't able to post the other day which was fine, I was a little too busy. We've had double headers, late night games for the past.. well.. few days in a row. So all I have are baseball or softball shots.

I am posting again, 3 shots today. 132-134 It's great to do it all at once, although I do feel a little guilty.

Today's shot was my oldest's last huddle/team talk. Last game of their very short season due to rainouts. Kind of sad, but what a weird year with this weather! She pitched a great game, had some great hits, but the team fell short at took the loss. 

I do love their looks behind them. Not sure what they were looking at, but I liked the photo.

Day 132
ISO 200, f/9, ss 1/60, 160 mm


Kristal said...

That is a nice shot! I wonder what they are looking at?

Tracy said...

Love the serious looks.