Saturday, February 11, 2012

day 40 - 41

Surprised? Me too! I got photos uploaded and into my blog.. wonders never cease..

These pavers are full of character. I just love them, so we have them in the yard in various places. They have the most magnificent color. I wish we could've lived in the brick paved streets time, but then again, I don't have the best luck with tires. I would've had a flat once a week, I'm sure!

This moon was amazing a couple nights ago! I missed the most jaw dropping phase as I was driving...without a camera! I KNOW! Who does that??!! I finally got home about 20 minutes later and set out to recreate what I saw, but no chance. I did manage to grab a decent photo, though.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Days 19-39 (yep a little overdue)

How do I do this so often? I get caught up with life, and totally forget to post, or upload, or take pictures... 
all of the above, I'm afraid.

So, how are we all doing? I'm getting my business up and running. It's taking a lot longer than I thought. I naively thought, "just get some business cards and a website, and I'll be golden!" 

um.. nope!

There is so much more than that. Every day, I'm tweaking the site, figuring a business plan, trying out new marketing strategies.. it's not easy! But, it is fun in the meantime, and I get a huge sense of accomplishment after all is said and done.

I posted a couple "clients" in this post. One "critter client" and another "senior portrait" session in the snow! It was so. much. fun! Who'd have thought we'd trek all over the Chicago area in knee deep snow... for a photo shoot? She was awesome, and we had a blast!

Have you become a fan of my facebook page yet? I'd love for you to so you could message and give critique! I would greatly appreciate it.. here is the link! 

it should take you right there. THANK YOU in advance! You guys are the best! Comment on my blog if you have a fb page, and I'll return the favor! Have a great week, everyone!