Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 266

More turning colors.. it doesn't bore me, so I am proud to throw a ton of foliage shots into my 365. I just think this is a beautiful process.  Some are all orange, some are all red, then colors throughout.. ah I just love it! Since I posted the orange last, here are the green turning red. LOVE it!

I am also including my settings because sweet Kim said she liked to see them included. Thanks, Kim! That always helped me seeing other's photo recipe as well. And again, these are almost always SOOC unless stated or has some crazy texture that you'd notice anyway! :)

Day 266
ISO 400, f/4.5, 1/60 75 mm

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Days 262 - 265

My days are just catching up with me. But, it's Fall now!! HAPPY FALL! Remember when Pooh says, "It's... Autumn?" LOVE that! 

Day 262
Zucchini Bread! That's the sign that fall is here around our house. 

 Day 263
And ... this is the sign that summer is over. Our last huge bowl of yummy watermelon. Goodbye, sweet summer!

Day 264
Morning glories greet us every morning from our neighbor's house. Love his old windows! 

 Day 265
And finally, Ta-Da! It's a sure sign of beautiful fall! I love it. My favorite season! Only exactly 100 days left for me! I WILL catch up!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Days 258 - 261

How we doing?? I'm slowly plugging away at this.. Sunflowers, can we ever have enough? I don't think so!

Day 258
L-O-V-E the sunflowers!

 Day 259
Lovin' the Mustangs, although I've always wanted an older Camaro.

 Day 260
Happy 1st Birthday! I had a job on Saturday, and this was one of my faves.

 Day 261
Out to play!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Days 252-257

Here I am again, behind. On a good note though, I've had a great time with my mom and her hubby, they came to visit for vacation from WA state and I'm pretty sad they've left.

Again, I will try my best to explain these as I load them.

Day 252
My mom and I play Scrabble. It gets very competitive, and we will question (not challenge) each other words, look it up, and make each other take it off if we cannot prove that it's a word. I love this time with my mom, and I would not change my Scrabble partner for anything!

Day 253
Blackberry Cobbler! Yes, the real berries. The tiny ones you have to spend hours picking just to get enough for a pie. My dear mom traveled 2000 miles to deliver them and bake this delicious cobbler. I think every time I have this, it's better and better. This is the best pie/cobbler in the world!

Day 254
This book was required reading for a friend of ours. This in turn became the book of choice for the high school year for my daughter. Talk about sad, happy and thankful all at once at the end. What these boys endure as they are acquired as boy "soldiers" marching for a cause that was not their own.

Day 255
Outside Trump Tower (yes, we visited again - that's twice in one week) were these beautiful water lilies in a gorgeous pond. It was hard to know where to look, point and shoot. The purple ones stole my heart, so I shall share these. :)

Day 256
My hun! This is my husband, my best friend, my cheerleader, companion, rock and leader of our family. I love him! I loved this photo, it looks like he's modeling clothes. Our son should watch out, he will steal his job! The city in the background was just perfect.. okay, maybe I'm a little biased.

Day 257
The boats were so peaceful to watch. Tons of activity were on this Chicago River, but it all seemed to flow so perfectly. I've always wanted to take a boat tour of the city. I will have to do this one day!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Days 240-251

Wow! I've been away for a while. I won't give up, though! So here's my last 12 days. I will try my best to explain them, and I will try to keep updating more often. 

How is everyone else doing with school starting? I think that about knocked me off the edge, but I will survive! We also have company until the 14th, and I'm loving it!

Keep up the good work, my 365 friends! 

 Day 240

Outside of the John G. Shedd Aquarium, there were huge waves hitting the jogging path. I tried to capture some of them from a distance. Surprisingly, you'd still see a jogger or two or three come into the picture. I didn't get a good wave when they jogged by, though.

 Day 241

All the garbage piled up along the corners of the jogging path. I squatted down to get a good view, then a  little wave came over. I thought, "Cool, I'll wait for the next one." Well, the "next one" became a wall of water that send me running. I had good enough sense to snap a picture even if I was jumping backwards and making a run for it at the same time!

Day 242

 Sunburst from the ferris wheel at Navy Pier

 Day 243

Footprints in the sand. Do you know that poem? The best out there!
"It was there I carried you" 

Day 244

 Lake Michigan at North Avenue Beach

 Day 245

North Avenue Beach

Day 246

Water Tower on Michigan Avenue - Chicago, IL

 Day 247

Marilyn Monroe statue in Pioneer Court near NBC Tower in Chicago

 Day 248

Trump Tower near Michigan Ave and the Chicago River

 Day 249

Another near and dear photo since it's the Chicago Fire Dept boat! I captured the old boat as it was on it's way out of commission. Mayor and Chicago Fire Department officials dedicated the new $8.5 million fire boat at Burhman Harbor in honor of Firefighter Christopher Wheatley, killed fighting a fire in 2010, Thursday, May 5, 2011.

 Day 250

No Swimming! But, would you want to? Those waves were little, but the undertow is great. You could barely see this little painted sign on the concrete.

 Day 251

The Wrigley Building is a gorgeous HUGE building along the Chicago River. It's hard to do it justice in a little photo, but here is the top of it towering over Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 239

I have no idea what this sort of tree is, it looks like a little mini tangerine tree. :) So, if you know, please enlighten me. 

I pass it almost every day, and have been so busy I couldn't stop. Today I made sure I stopped, because you never know when a tree you're not familiar with drops all it's berries!

How are you all doing in 365 land? I'm a little behind, but I'll catch up soon! Thought I'd at least post what I had today. 

Inch by inch, right?  
Day 239
ISO 800, f/2.8, 1/15, 50 mm 

updated: Mountain Ash Tree