Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Days 252-257

Here I am again, behind. On a good note though, I've had a great time with my mom and her hubby, they came to visit for vacation from WA state and I'm pretty sad they've left.

Again, I will try my best to explain these as I load them.

Day 252
My mom and I play Scrabble. It gets very competitive, and we will question (not challenge) each other words, look it up, and make each other take it off if we cannot prove that it's a word. I love this time with my mom, and I would not change my Scrabble partner for anything!

Day 253
Blackberry Cobbler! Yes, the real berries. The tiny ones you have to spend hours picking just to get enough for a pie. My dear mom traveled 2000 miles to deliver them and bake this delicious cobbler. I think every time I have this, it's better and better. This is the best pie/cobbler in the world!

Day 254
This book was required reading for a friend of ours. This in turn became the book of choice for the high school year for my daughter. Talk about sad, happy and thankful all at once at the end. What these boys endure as they are acquired as boy "soldiers" marching for a cause that was not their own.

Day 255
Outside Trump Tower (yes, we visited again - that's twice in one week) were these beautiful water lilies in a gorgeous pond. It was hard to know where to look, point and shoot. The purple ones stole my heart, so I shall share these. :)

Day 256
My hun! This is my husband, my best friend, my cheerleader, companion, rock and leader of our family. I love him! I loved this photo, it looks like he's modeling clothes. Our son should watch out, he will steal his job! The city in the background was just perfect.. okay, maybe I'm a little biased.

Day 257
The boats were so peaceful to watch. Tons of activity were on this Chicago River, but it all seemed to flow so perfectly. I've always wanted to take a boat tour of the city. I will have to do this one day!


Kristal said...

Awesome shots - I love to play Scrabble, but only and my husband and I play... we've not found any new "partners" since we moved.

And "a long way gone" is an awesome book. I happened by it at the library and thought it looked interesting. Wow, it was compelling and really opened my eyes.

One more thing... the blackberries... my brother used to ask my Mom for the container he needed to fill to get a pie and then would go pick them in the fields behind us. That was his favorite!

Jeanna Geniesse said...

I love it when you take Pictures of objects like these. It looks like they should go in an add. I love the flower, looks great. Yes the one of your husband is a great picture. I think it has wall status. Thanks for all your help and support Kara. Loving all I am learning. After this Fall I will have more time and that will be nice. Found two lenses I want so my pictures can get better. Hopefully soon I can get them. I want to try my hand at Portraits. Thanks again!!!

Missus Wookie said...

Do we get the recipe for the blackberry cobbler? Ours are almost finished but I might find enough. Every year I think I should freeze some but every year we eat them all within days!

Catherine said...

I read A Long Way Gone last summer (2010) and required A. to read it in homeschool last year.