Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 124

I almost walked up and down our block in pajamas and slippers this morning, but decided to actually find shoes and shorts. Still cold here today! Where is our sun? 

Okay, imagine me sneaking up to my neighbor's front porch and crouching along side the gangway taking pictures. Now, half the neighborhood are cops/SWAT team/firefighters. Too funny. I am just waiting for the day a squad car comes flying up beside me looking like Maxine with curlers in my hair, a cup of coffee and a camera. LOL! Guess what my 365 picture for the day would be then? 

Day 124
ISO 200, f/2.2, ss 1/4000, 50 mm


Candi said...

Now that would be a funny sight! Great capture

Kristal said...

Great shot - and that would be so funny to be "caught"!

Tracy said...

Worth it! LOL!