Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 2

A great start to a new year is always spending it with my awesome man. Today we celebrated being married for 18 years! We have gone through so much together. We've laughed, cried, celebrated life, mourned loved ones, locked arms trying to raise three kids, supported each other, and taught each other what it is to be partners. It's not easy at times, but if you can let things roll and trust that God will help you all through, you can make it! I say this after 18 years of marriage, 19 years of being together. After all this, I love this man, I'm thankful for this man, and I support him.

There. Enough mushy stuff, here's to my 2nd day! We went downtown to an amazing dinner, it was so lovely I forgot to take out my camera. Plus I thought, that's a little tacky, to grab my camera and take a picture of the cute dessert they brought us "on the house" complete with candle! After we had several bites, I thought. THAT should have been my 365 photo! Oh well, live and learn. 

I do love clocks. I could take a tour of old clocks around the city and put them all together. In fact, I may do that! So don't be surprised to see several clocks show up in the next year. 

Okay, I read about night time shots in my manual today. I realized that I didn't need a flash at night. Let the lights take on their own tone. So here is the old Marshall Fields clock (before it became..ahem..Macy's) on the corner of State and Washington. I used to work across the street and just came to love seeing it every day.

365 Day 2 
Night time.
My settings were:
ISO - 800, Aperture f/5, Shutter speed 1/15, 110 focal length, no flash, tungsten (accidental since my settings were on it from last night, but I liked it!)
My thoughts: I love it. I love the old feel of the stone, the coloring, and the old lamp posts. It probably still looks a lot like it did so many years ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one that loves and appreciates that old clock.


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary...and what a beautiful shot! Love the nice warm glow it gives off!!!

Branson said...

Happy anniversary! Beautiful post :)

Tracy said...

Love this shot! Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful shot! Happy Anniversary!

C said...

I love this shot

Allan said...

Very Chicago...under that clock was my family's meeting spot after a day of shopping. You definitely captured that State Streed feel in this picture.