Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 212

Lightening storms are awesome in the midwest. I had my camera out the window for about a 1/2 hour taking everything I could possibly get. I had several cool images, but I kept coming back to this one.

I know, I'm behind...again. I'm also frustrated with blogger in that when someone asks you a question, you cannot answer back unless you go to their blog and post on their photo and it's completely unrelated. So, I will try to answer back on my posts as much as possible. It beats chasing everyone around and they might not even know what I'm talking about. So... from here on out, I will reply on the same post.

Have a great rest of the week! I will try to catch up!

Day 212
ISO 200, f/1.8, 1/5, 50 mm


Misty said...

It helps when people have an e-mail linked to their blogger account because you can just reply to the notification email you receive.

Kara said...

Yes it does! I've typed out complete instructions on things or explanations, only to see last second, "no reply blogger." UGH!! I've also begged people to put their emails down, but they don't... and still ask questions.. ? Anyway, I'm so thankful for those that do!

Photography by Daniela said...

great shot. I'm never able to capture lightening :/

Kristal said...

So cool... I saw a great shot the other day, but didn't have my camera!!!

Carrie said...

Oh, I love this! Such a cool shot - and not so easy to capture as your timing has to be spot on. I'd love to get a lightning shot someday.

Missus Wookie said...

Cool shot!