Saturday, August 13, 2011

Days 216 - 224

I've been SO bad lately. I've been taking pictures, just none that I thought were very good. So, you know what happened? The next day I would take some, and not like those! This continued on for several days until I realized that I had to get over it, and post what I had! 

So here we have, Days 216-224. Nine photos at once! I am catching up if it kills me! Just bare with me, because I'm not posting the recipes tonight. I just can't do nine of them at once. I will update later.

Day 216 - My street. I've always thought it was sort of pretty as we pull in. Tonight I had to grab that while no cars were driving by. I had to wait for a while til the last of the lights had turned.

 Day 217 - Union Station downtown Chicago. It's a pretty cool building. I could only fit the one word in my lens that I was using. I was cool with that, I liked how it turned out. 

Day 218 - If you know Chicago, you know summer construction! This was a must due to driving by all of them everyday wherever we go. These construction workers were totally unfazed as I opened my window, stuck my head and camera out of it and took a couple photos... at the stoplight! What? C'mon, it's not New York, you haven't seen everything here! Okay, maybe you have....

 Day 219 - Beautiful old bridge! I loved this. I originally stood in the middle of 2 lanes and snapped away at the gorgeous lines and shapes on top, but settled with loving this photo.

 Day 220 - This part of town has a lot going on. I thought this was a great scene, the bucket picking up the gravel and putting it in the huge containers to the left.

 Day 221 - A family party. They always have the cutest lights up year round. I never think of this, but every time I'm there, I want to remember..

 Day 222 - This crazy climbing clematis. The coloring is beautiful, especially at night.

 Day 223 - More climbers! I love the chipped paint, and these little guys fighting for the top.

 Day 224 - Plumeria has to be the best smelling flower in all the world! We bought these little stalks for my MIL while we were in Hawaii in 7 years ago! She still has them growing in her backyard during the summer. She brings them in for winter, but they are in huge planters now!


Sara said...

What are you talking about, no good??
They're great. I LOVE day 221, it's so beautiful and great composition!
Sometimes shots I'm really unsure about other people like, so just post them.

Chelsea said...

I agree with Sarah, these are all great. I love the DOF in the lights pic.

Anonymous said...

I love the lights- love the color and the dof! And you're right the chipped paint in the climber picture really adds to it!

Kristal said...

You got some great shots! Love the street, bridge and party lights

Amy said...

These are fantastic! We were in Chicago a few weeks ago and now my youngest is telling me about how he's going to live there when he's married with kids. LOL.

Missus Wookie said...

Love that climber/chipped paint shot and the architectural ones too. Glad you posted.

Kristin said...

It's so hard to keep up with all this stuff during summer, so good for you for "just doing it"! Actually, seeing all these photos together made me feel like I was taking a walk through Chicago, and it was fun, so thanks for brightening my day with all your creativity and insight into you beautiful city.