Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 192

Sorry, I've been a little AWOL. My oldest just came back from Uganda last night. I've been running around like a "chicken with my head cut off" and if you're on my facebook, or know me, you know why that saying is so funny to our family right now! If not, I'll tell you. My oldest was the girl who didn't want to starve in Uganda, apparently. They had chicken for dinner one night with the orphanage, and that's just the norm. She and another team member (a guy) volunteered to.. well.. do what needed to get done to get dinner rolling. Let's just say, she wouldn't have starved in the Little House on the Prairie days. I would have.

This photo is from our lake house visit. I have been taking photos everyday, but none that I chose to put up on my 365 blog. Now that I am halfway through this, I'm still trying to decide where I'm going with this as far as a theme. I've decided, I really don't have one. Random photos on random days. :)

Day 192
ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/200, 50 mm


Misty said...

Super cute photo!
I think I would have just starved. Brave girl you got there.

Kim said...

Are we half way through? Random photos are great! Love the green