Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 187

I am pretty sure I'm a wildflower girl. I love them the most. Daisies, sticker bushes (whatever they're actually called) flowers alongside the expressway that I can't ever get to... all of these, I love!

I want to line my alley with these, but then they cost money and I'm never back there. So, what a quandary, huh? I would do this for someone else to see, or for me to go take photos of, then how many photos do I need of these.... *trails off with wonder*

Day 187
ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/3200, 50 mm


Kristal said...

Awesome shot!

Kristin said...

GORGEOUS! I love this shot!

Catherine said...

I LOVE this one, Kara!!! Soo professional looking. You are an incredible photographer. When are you opening your store? ;)

Misty said...

Ooooh! I REALLY like this!

Amy said...

This is gorgeous! I always see flowers along the highway that I want to stop and photograph too.