Saturday, January 7, 2012

day 4 - king of the jungle

I am exhausted today. Hubby and I took the youngest one (everyone else busy) roller skating last night, and I've realized I'm not quite a 15 yr old anymore! Then today, I took the youngest (again, only one home) to the Brookfield Zoo. It was about 45 degrees, a little cold, but so much better this way as the animals are so much more active

This amazing guy roamed around showing who's boss. He was loud! You could hear him from across the park. I remember my dad living about 4-5 miles from a game farm, and could still hear the lions at night. Lions are pretty majestic. I love everything about them. We watched him lick his paws like a house cat, and thought, "aaww!" Then when he gets up, you think, "Wow, glad this moat is between him and us." 

day 4 - king of the jungle

ISO 200, 1/25, f/5.6
I edited this a lot. Levels, vignette, colors were too orange, and added more contrast.


Jaime said...

This is great!! Any pics I've seen of lions, they've been enjoying a snooze or sun bathing. Nice to see one in action. :)

Kristal said...

That is an awesome capture!

Kim said...

SCARY!!! Great shot!

Misty said...

Perfection! Incredible shot.