Tuesday, January 3, 2012

day 1 - single rose

Happy New Year! Welcome to my 2012, second adventure of the 365 world! 


My intro: 

I'm Kara - I'm a stay at home mom, photographer and just starting my business! 

I'd love it if you'd "like" my page on facebook! I welcome your comments there as well. If you have a fb page, please leave your link so I can "like" it as well! 

I've been very blessed with 3 kiddos, and my amazing hubby of 19 years! He's a firefighter for Chicago, and we live within the city limits...'cause we have to! 

I shoot with a Sony a300. Other than it's kit lens, I own a 50 1.4, and 24-70mm Carl Zeiss 2.8, and 75-300mm 4.5. I'm a Sony girl! A friend of mine just switched from Canon to Nikon. I almost made a switch, but so glad I didn't have to get used to different settings again. 

I am not a soccer mom, but it's under the same category... taking kids to and from softball and baseball games, travel leagues, cheer team, youth group, friend's houses,  and whatever else this world throws at me. I do enjoy it, I would never want someone else to have my job.

I enjoy traveling, but haven't been able to do much with kids in school and sports. Might have to save that for retirement? 

I love Starbucks and skiing, so it's easy to tell you that I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest in WA state! I grew up skiing Snoqualmie, Stevens Pass, Crystal Mountain (Mt. Rainier) twice a week religiously! I miss home dearly, (there's no skiing in Chicago - worth writing about!) but this is where God has us right now, so I'm making the best of it! 


fine print:
all photos are SOOC (straight out of camera) 
unless specified in settings under it's label. I will
try to add settings to every photo, this helps you 
get an idea of where to start, and adjust as needed.
I will do my best to help you through any questions 
you might have, as so many people have helped
me! It's sort of paying it forward. I also accept plane
tickets to come and mentor! LOL Again, I love to travel! 
Seriously, leave a comment, a suggestion, a kind critique..
look forward to meeting you!

I must admit, last year was fun! A little stressful trying to get a photo every day, labeled, uploaded, blogged... but then I realized, the 365 police wouldn't be attacking me if it didn't happen. Now I can relax and get it all done on my own time.

I'd love it if you commented, visited, and left your email somehow (or private message) so I could respond to your comments or questions. Last year it was tough chasing around answers on their blogs, as they didn't pertain to their photos. 

2012 started off a little shaky. We have teens! But, by the grace of God we will all make it through, right? 

day 1

Our 19th Anniversary is tomorrow! The 2nd, my hubby brought me a huge bouquet of flowers. I've never seen roses like this, so I singled it out and I love it!

now the settings, back by popular demand (denise and kim!) 

iso 400, 1/640, f/1.8
(edited with Florabella "love," then took some pink color cast out)


Kristal said...

Gorgeous rose!

Catherine said...

Happy anniversary to you both!!! Congrats on 19 years...that's rare in this day and age! You're setting an awesome example for your kids.

Thanks for adding the settings back. I was missing those!!

Please check my blog when you have time. I've recently put up a TON of pictures from our Christmas trip to South Padre Island.

Denise said...

YAY Friend...Your AWESOME!! Praise JESUS...I love your blog, I love your pictures, and I LOVE the setting information...Heck, I love you!!