Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Camera is BACK! Days 340-349

Wow, that was a rough 2 1/2 weeks! I missed Christmas and my son's 14th birthday with my camera. I'm not too upset, because I'm happy I didn't have to pay a penny to repair this camera.

I'm posting part 1 of a mess of photos I'm putting up, and fully intend to finish by tomorrow! I know, it ends today, so congratulations everyone who made it successfully! I will hopefully earn that title tomorrow. 

Have a careful and safe New Years Eve tonight! 

~HAPPY 2012~



Kristal said...

Glad you got it back and it didn't cost you anything! Great shots!

Kim said...

Beautiful shots! I am so glad you got your camera back. I'll be checking tomorrow for the rest of them! Btw, I got a new camera for Christmas and I got lots of bokeh! Thanks so much for all your help earlier in the month. I got a Sony camera....and a 50mm lens! I am so excited!

Kim said...

oh, are you doing the 365 again?

Catherine said...

Wow, you're going out with a bang! Amazing shots of the Christmas lights. What lens did you use? And settings? We have the same stocking holders...although they fell on our tile floor and broke! (We had a string of beads on the mantle behind them and someone accidentally got caught on the string and pulled it, which pulled ALL of the stocking holders down.)