Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Days 292 - 305

Are you so sick of hearing me talk about catching up? I am! I've just resorted to knowing this is just how it's going to have to be until the end of the year. 

How'd everyone's Halloween go? We had kids running from one end of the neighborhood to the next. Kids everywhere, eggs everywhere (oy!), police out in full force (and they were going to glare at me for parking crooked to say hi to some friends? Go get the bad kids!)... Lots of fun, lots of face painting craziness all over my bathroom, but all in all, great day!

Day 292
Along side the road on our way to Great America!

 Day 293
Sand mimicking an avalanche at the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago

 Day 294
Wave making at the MSI/Chicago

 Day 295
Static electricity...muahahaha!

 Day 296
Some cool vapor you could walk through. You couldn't feel anything, but they put images on the wide angle, but it was too hard to photograph as there were light tunnels in front and back.

 Day 297
Wright Brothers exhibit MSI/Chicago

 Day 298
Fall colors in my yard.

 Day 299
Scary Skulls!

 Day 300

 Day 301
The carousel "haunted up" with full reflection in the "moat" at Fright Fest - Six Flags/Great America

 Day 302
Fun adjusting my settings to get the shadows and lights with fog machines in the distance across the pond.

 Day 303
My first attempt at Street Photography! I asked this kid if I could take his picture, and he was totally on board to do it. So cool, because I painted my son's face this same detail for Halloween. Turned out pretty awesome!

 Day 304
Happy Halloween! My youngest dressed as "Mad Hatter" after an hour of trick or treating. The makeup had faded but she looked cute, although even cuter in the bright pink fake eyelashes she had that "came off somewhere." (oh my)

 Day 305
Pretty autumn mums. My favorites!


Kristal said...

Another set of great shots!

Kim said...

You are doing great! All of the pictures are awesome! She makes a sweet looking mad hatter!

Catherine said...

Love these! All of them! Would love to see your specs back b/c it really helps me with my photography. But I realize it takes a lot more time to label them.

Denise said...


Missus Wookie said...

Great set of shots - love teasel (first shot) keep planting it here but it doesn't like the soil. Cool science stuff - we'd love to visit Chicago and the MSI is up on our list.