Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 289-291

I'm getting there! Another shoot today was great! I am behind... in a good way. Here's 3 more, and I'm closing in on it.

Day 289
Little one and I were practicing our "art" for her to be Mad Hatter for Halloween. What we found, was this white was not fun to work with, luckily we had bought another type of white, and that it was going to be a blast to work on! 

 Day 290
Some of the good makeup, and the false eyelashes we will be using to dress up. This one just can't wait!

 Day 291
My plumeria tree! It's blooming, and I just got it from (bum..bum..bum..) a garage sale! Funny because when we were in Hawaii last we bought one for my mother in law. That one is absolutely gorgeous, and I just fell in love with this when I saw it. It really brings back Hawaii. The flowers are so beautiful and fragrant!


Kristal said...

That blossom is beautiful!

Denise said...


Laura Delegal - Leroy Photography said...

Love the Mad Hatter! Can't wait to see the end results

Kim said...

Love the flower! Beautiful! My boy was the mad hatter this year for our harvest festival at church.
Cant wait to see your finished pictures...