Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 76

Well, last night we had to tell the little one that she didn't get the Marta roll for Sound of Music. It went okay, but she was a little sad. Rumor has it she was up against the Marta that was on the national tour. 
Luckily for her, daddy felt really bad and went out ahead of time to buy her a new fish. Her last fish died last year as we went on vacation, and the move to a friend's house was too much for it. So, here we have a new Koi fish. 
*screaches to a halt*
Koi Fish?
My husband loves them, he thought it was so cute, and they live for...get this.. up to 226 years! (longest recorded)
Here he is peeking at himself in the side wall in his makeshift "pond." Notice how clean it is? Well, they like to be dirty..
He's in a perfectly new and clean tank.
He's struggling today, not sure if "Captain Billy Bob" will make it. Dad feels sad, little one is pretty sad and hoping for the best. 
Apparently, we needed a KOI POND to put him in.. go figure! ;)
I actually had him out by the pool tarp cover, and contemplated throwing him in there until we clean the pool out for the summer.
Here I am at the VERY end of the day. 2 min. late to be exact, but I had to get in a photo! This is why I opted for Captain Billy Bob (courtesy of my husband's suggestion).

Day 76
ISO 400, f/1.8, ss 1/20, 50 mm
moved levels lighter


Melissa said...

Seriously the cutest story and I laughed so hard at the fact you wanted to throw him in the pool. I hope he makes it and you are able to figure out a good home for him. He's really cute.

Misty said...

Such a nice picture of Captain Billy Bob. I laughed too when you said you wanted to throw him in the pool. Too funny!

Tracy said...

I hope he makes it and this isn't his last photo ;) For a last photo option, I think he is great!

Laurie said...

You know our beta looked pitiful for the first week or so, but he is happy now.....when we remember to feed him!

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy! On a positive note though- great picture- I was trying to take a picture of my sisters fishies, and they're so hard to capture!

Kristal said...

You got an amazing capture of him!

Sorry about you daughter not getting the part.

Candi said...

I agree with Tracy...the photo came out great

Chelsea said...

Ahh, I hope he makes it! Too bad about the Marta part...she did look so cute during her audition!

Flower Photography said...

Oh I hope she is feeling better today :-)

Anita said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter not getting the part.:(

I learned something new, koi fish like dirty, not clean. He's awfully cute, in a fishy sort of way.