Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days 90 and 91

I hope you can  hear the enthusiasm behind that. I'm not sure if I said last year why, but I will tell you with this photo. My uncle's back yard had an entire fence line of them. You could drive past his road with the windows all the way up, and still smell them! My favorite thing to do was to bike ride to Uncle Arvie's house. He would let my mom take a bunch of them home to put in a vase, and we'd get to smell them for a few days. To this day, lilac is one of my favorite scents/memories. I say those together, because that's simply what it is. A scent is a memory.

Then we have Lucy. She's a little spitfire, don't let those sweet eyes fool you. When she's bad we scream her name and it comes out Lucifer! LOL She's learning...slowly but surely. Smart girl, she is!


Kristal said...

Lilacs are my favorite too!!! I have one bush in my yard that sadly needs to be cut back and prayed over to grow again. It was maintained by the previous owner.

We have a McDonald's by us that landscaped all the way around their corner lot with lilac's. It's lovely and dreamy.

Adorable puppy.

Kim said...

So funny on her name when you yell it! That made me laugh! Puppies are so cute and fun but so hard too!

I love the lilacs. Awesome! It screams spring!

Denise said...

Love it!