Saturday, September 1, 2012

Typical Life of a CFD Wife: BIG NEWS! Ashleigh Victoria - Armor

Typical Life of a CFD Wife: BIG NEWS! Ashleigh Victoria - Armor: Our daughter, Ashleigh,  has cut her first single, "Armor," 2 days ago! We are so proud, she has always been our determined one. God gav...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Backtrack and Fast Forward! Days 93 - 108

Well, lots going on here. But, I managed to get a few of my photos together. Anywhere from Chicago downtown, to the Chicago Art Museum, the backyard, birthdays and a little traveling. 

I will answer questions on the comments page. I'm off to parent/teacher meetings (hey, I should take a picture!) and travel games...

Have a great rest of the week! 

Downtown Chicago near Grant Park

Chicago Art Museum - loved this painting!

We mustn't write on the walls...right?!! - Chicago Art Museum

God Ganesha - Remover of Obstacles (I think I need one for my house! LOL) - Chicago Art Museum

My daughter's favorite paper weight glass sculptures in the Chicago Art Museum

Old Japanese pots - loved these! - Chicago Art Museum

I read what this was, I just was in a hurry and broke off from the group to grab this image. I want one in my house because it's just beautiful! - Chicago Art Museum

This is such a calming image to me.

"King of the thistles!"

Red Winged Black Bird calling to his family

My little one reading by the lake at one of her brother's travel games while I took pictures of whatever I could find! :) You know how that is!

Chicago Architectural Building

Parks outside of the Art Institute of Chicago

Elevator inside the Architectural Building in Chicago

Happy 17th to our oldest!! Her favorite color, and these flowers are still beautiful 2 weeks later!

 Good Friday - I thought it needed a bit of a quote/scripture

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 92

I enjoy watching these sparrows build their nests. They bravely swoop down to pick up anything from our grass and take it up to use. This very wise bird must know about Downy soft dryer sheets. She's going to have the best smelling nest around. May even keep out the mosquitoes! Isn't that what they claim?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Days 90 and 91

I hope you can  hear the enthusiasm behind that. I'm not sure if I said last year why, but I will tell you with this photo. My uncle's back yard had an entire fence line of them. You could drive past his road with the windows all the way up, and still smell them! My favorite thing to do was to bike ride to Uncle Arvie's house. He would let my mom take a bunch of them home to put in a vase, and we'd get to smell them for a few days. To this day, lilac is one of my favorite scents/memories. I say those together, because that's simply what it is. A scent is a memory.

Then we have Lucy. She's a little spitfire, don't let those sweet eyes fool you. When she's bad we scream her name and it comes out Lucifer! LOL She's learning...slowly but surely. Smart girl, she is!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Days 85 - 88

In my own backyard... 

Today I was letting the puppy out and wishing I had a cardinal to take photos of.. not five minutes later, guess what I found??!!! Lucky me! 

Days 82 and 83

We went downtown on such a beautiful day. I was kicking myself for not carrying around my camera, but I had twisted my knee so bad at the beginning of the week. I didn't want to carry anything extra, so I left it in the car. We went to the Water Tower Place, dined, shopped, had some fun... then walked outside and saw this eerie fog settling over the city. Right where we were parked, was the coolest scene of the actual water tower settled in fog behind the Looking Glass Theater. I grabbed the camera out of my car, and took some photos. The second shot is of the park behind the firehouse and theater. I loved the fog behind the mismatched branches and the gates.